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Can Wall & Associates Really Help with my IRS Tax Problem?

Can Wall & Associates, Inc. help with my IRS problem?  They can, will they?

This is a review of Wall & Associates, Haymarket, VA & satellite locations who may mail you; or you may have seen on TV or the internet if the government files a federal tax lien against you, or your business, if you owe the IRS back taxes.  Wall & Associates does not meet irs back tax help criteria due to the number of bbb complaints they have and not being accredited. If you have questions about this review, please reference:  bp88.

As usual, If you like the tone of this writing, I would like to refer you to someone who meets irs back tax help criteria.  Please contact irs back tax help.  Before you email me, please click on and read “About irs back tax help.”

Wall & Associates Marketing Approach for an IRS Tax Problem:

There are a lot of good tax resolution companies out there.  These two links will help you tell who’s who:

You should not hire IRS past due tax help unless you think there is a good reason.  The real first question, after a tax lien is filed, is not whom to hire, but “IF”you should hire anyone to help if you owe back taxes to the IRS.

Let’s inject some common sense into the tax problem if you are looking for IRS help.  Read the link above, it will help you decide “IF” you actually need to hire IRS back tax help.  Have an IRS emergency caused by an IRS bank levy or seizure?  Take the time to read both of these links.  They are focused on your best interests, not a tax resolution company’s.  

  • Wall & Associates wants you to hire them if you owe back taxes to the IRS.  However, do not hire the first tax resolution company you call or calls you about your IRS tax problem.  Make them compete for you business with at least one other company who meets the hiring criteria for irs back tax help.
  • When an IRS tax lien (IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien, IRS Form 668(y)) is filed with the county recorder, it becomes public record.  Then Wall & Associates Tax Resolution may collect this information and contact businesses and individuals with IRS tax lien filings, or they may not.

Instead, take control of this IRS tax problem on your terms.  Here’s how: (3 steps, 10 minutes)

  • STEP 1:  Before you have a discussion with Wall & Associates, read Google & BBB reviews & complaints. 
  • STEP 2:  When you are ready, call Wall & Associates if you are OK with their reviews & complaints and get the name of the person who will represent you and check them out. 
  • STEP 3:  Re-Contact Wall & Associates if you are satisfied with Steps 1 & 2.  Then get a Second Opinion on How to handle your IRS Tax Debt.  (That’s a hint, email us for a referral!)
  • All the steps for the Wall & Associates Review are completed below.

It is valid to be concerned about the IRS’ actions, and to take action yourself, but a knee jerk reaction could cause greater IRS problems down the road.  When the IRS goes into enforced collection mode, it’s worth taking a measured approach to fix the tax problem.

STEP 1:  Before you have a discussion with Wall & Associates Read Google & BBB Reviews & Complaints:

After doing a little homework on Google, Wall & Associates’s addresses:

  • PO Box 605, Haymarket, VA 20168
  • 693 Quesenberry St, Christiansburg, VA 24073
  • 608 So. Main St. Blacksburg VA 24060
  • 100 W Big Beaver Rd Ste 200, Troy, MI 48084
  • 1201 Main St Ste 1100, Columbia, SC 29201
  • 4801 E Independence Blvd Ste 1000,Charlotte, NC 28212
  • All the addresses share the same websites.  Headquarters is in VA.  Not sure how the satellite offices are related.  Could be Franchisees? 

Wall & Associates phone numbers:  (248) 680-6600, (888) 552-0002, 800-609-1829, (703) 266-3500, (202) 347-7077, (215) 922-5544, (301) 294-4666, (804) 323-9300, (888) 680-3211, (803) 748-1290, (704) 288-3939, 540-382-5662, 260-355-0154, 906-482-0688, (540) 953-0593, 309.797.2533, 989.799.6588

Wall & Associates Better Business Bureau records look like this:

  • In business since 1998
  • Not Accredited
  • 100 Complaints as of 11/24/13.  (There should be no more than three in the “Product/Service” category.)  This number has increased from 40 complaints on 3/29/12, so appears to be trending in the wrong direction for the person with a tax problem.  The majority of complaints are service related.  
  • When using the BBB to research a tax relief company, it is probably best to use the BBB as a “de-selector” rather than a reason to hire a tax resolution company.  The BBB solicits companies to become a member, so it is relatively easy to remain in good standing and keep an “A” letter grade.  The nature of the company is better seen by how many complaints they have accumulated over the last 3 years; which is the standard BBB reporting period.  A good rule of thumb is no more than one complaint per year, or three complaints total for “Product/Service”.  Size and age of a tax resolution company are irrelevant.  It really boils down to how they treated their clients during the reporting period.  So Wall & Associates should have less than three complaints for the actual work performed. 
  • There are plenty of tax resolution companies who meet this standard, so don’t settle for less.  If you’re having trouble finding a tax resolution company with fewer complaints, I’m happy to help.  I can be reached at

Wall & Associates Reviews & Complaints from Google:

STEP 2:  If you are happy with Step 1:  Reviews & Complaints call Wall & Associates

In the first call, tell Wall & Associates you want some general information about the company and the name of the person who will be representing you before you talk to them and then you will return their call.   

STEP 3:  Re-Contact Wall & Associates if you are satisfied with Steps 1 & 2.  Then get a Second Opinion on How to handle your IRS Tax Debt.  (That’s a hint!)

Knowledge is power, so the second opinion is important.  Overall, if you are thinking of hiring them, listen to them and then see what the second opinion says about your tax problems. Of course, we would like to refer that second opinion, but as long as you take the time to do a little homework as listed in the first link above, you’ll probably be fine.  Click “About irs back tax help” to learn about us or read irs back tax help Testimonials to see how we treat people.

If you would like irs back tax help to offer a first or second opinion, we can be reached at, and do not pressure people in an already stressful situation.


irs back tax help

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