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How to contact the IRS if you owe back taxes

This post is about contacting the IRS or IRS Taxpayer advocate if you owe back taxes.  If you have questions about this post, please reference:  BP #66.

As usual, If you like the tone of this writing, I would like to compete for your business.  I can be reached at  Before you email me, please click on and read “About irs back tax help.”

original link and full text here:

Here is the link for telephone assistance for businesses and individuals who are dealing with past due tax:,,id=96730,00.html

This link is for meeting Revenue Officers face to face when dealing with a tax problem:

Here is how to find the closest IRS Taxpayer advocate office if IRS collection efforts are getting out of control:,,id=97402,00.html

These links are all related to IRS back tax topics.  The first link above has contact information for issues other than back taxes.  

If you would like irs back tax help to be your first or second opinion, I can be reached at

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